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Camp Good News Staff

Greetings, prospective Camp Good News Counselor! We’re very excited about our upcoming summer ministries and we’re excited that you are interested in serving with us! We look forward to what God is going to do in and through you this summer! 

Please fill out an application for all weeks that you are available as sometimes needs change.  Any questions?  Please contact Michelle at 701-219-1167 or michelle@ceffm.org

The deadline to apply for paid staff has passed.  We still do have a few needs left.  We are taking volunteers for the summer.  If you would like to find out about what needs are availalble, please contact Michelle at michelle@ceffm.org  or 701-219-1167 


How are you spending your summer?

Join the Camp Good News Staff!!!

As relaxing as it may be to chill at the pool or hang out with friends, what if you chose instead to make an eternal impact in the lives of kids right where you live?! High school and college students from around the Fargo/Moorhead area are coming together to reach the boys and girls of your community – and YOU can be a part of this team! Camp Good News staffing program is designed to train you and a team of other young people in effective and engaging ways to teach children about God.

If you have a heart for ministry and want to team up with other young people to reach the children in the Fargo/Moorhead area, then Camp Good News staff is for you! Just think, this summer you can:

-Reach boys and girls with the Gospel
-See your faith and vision grow deeper
-Build new friendships that will last a lifetime
-Grow in communication, teamwork, endurance, responsibility, and self-confidence
-Gain experience for ministry in your own local church, school or vocation

Now, doesn’t THAT sound like a rewarding summer! See below about two ways you can make this eternal difference.

Camp Good News – Day Camp

Camp Good News happens at a church in the F-M area and each week features a different theme such as basketball or arts & crafts (see schedule on the main page) (as a counselor, you do not need to know anything about theme for the week; you job will be take care and counsel children).

Camp Good News On the Go

Go Camp takes the light of the gospel to them in their apartment complexes, daycare centers, neighborhoods, schools and other community locations in the F-M area. Think of Go camp like a traveling VBS.

Questions for Staff at 15 years +


Parent Questions

Parents, do you have more questions? See our parent frequently asked questions page. by clicking on the button below.

Student Questions

Students, do you have more questions? See our frequently asked questions page. by clicking on the button below.

Staff Application

Thanks for your interest in applying to Camp Good News staff. 12-14 can apply as a CIT (14 Sr. CIT). 15 yrs or older can apply to be a part of camp staff. The application deadline has passed.  Please contact Michelle at michelle@ceffm.org or 701-219-1167 to ask about what might still be avaiable.  

Staff Information

Learn more about being on Camp Good News Staff.

All staff (counselors and CIT’s have approximate hours are from 8:30-4:15 PM. Additional hours are available for paid staff from 7:30 – 9:00 AM and 4:00 – 5:30 PM if assigned. – Are required to complete training that is assigned for each position (see below for requirements).

Application deadline is May 1st for all staff.

Staff Requirements – All Staff

  Age Is support raising required? Training Dates Job Description
Lead and Assistant Counselors 15 or older* Yes* May 31st from 9-3 PM in Fargo at Relevant Life; June 2-8 at Cooperstown Bible Camp* Lead or assist with a small group of campers to provide care.
Sr. Counselor in Training (SCIT) 14 years old* No May 31st from 9-3 PM at Relevant Life; Assist with a small group of campers as learn the skills to be a counselor.
Counselor in Training (CIT) 12-13 years old* No June 14 from 10-2 PM at Salem EFC Assist the camp and campers to help make the camp flow.
  *Age by July 1, 2023 *See requirements and explanations below. Can't make training dates? CIT and SCIT's, please contact Doug for alternate dates. For lead and assistant counselors (15+), you need to be available for most of the training camp dates to be paid (especially in your first or second year of being a counselor (not counting CIT).  
Salary - 15 Plus Staff

All paid staff must meet the following requirements:
– Complete training camp
– Complete support raising requirements (below)
Here is the 2024 pay scale:

A.) Program Director— (must be 19 years old) – $15.50 per hour;
B.) Lead Counselors -$14 per hour;
C.) Counselor Assistants – $11 per hr;

All returning staff are eligible for a per hour bonus depending on their years of experience.

Sr. Counselor in Training (14 yrs. old)

Sr. Counselor in Training (must be 14 years old)

– This program is for those who are wishing to learn more about being Camp Good News staff and how to work directly with campers.

-14 year old’s are compensated $170 per week.

– Sr. Counselor in Training must be available for at least three weeks.

-He or she must be available for training camp from May 10-11 if they wish to be paid.

– are eligible to work for overnight camp.
-Alternative training camp is possible if you apply by May 1st. Contact Doug about alternative dates (701-200-4865 or office@ceffm.org). Application deadline is May 1st.

– If you have more questions, please contact Doug at 701-200-4865 or email at doug@ceffm.org

Counselor in Training (12-13 yrs. old)

– This program is for those who are 12-13 and who are interested in learning about the leadership and servant skills necessary to be on Camp Good News Staff. While working with campers, this program also helps with some of the behind the scenes work needed for camp.

-This is a volunteer position and no support raising is required for this position.

-CIT’s can not work for more than four weeks.

– Must be available for training on Saturday, May 11th. Alternative training camp is possible if you apply by May 1st. Contact Doug about alternative dates (701-200-4865 or office@ceffm.org). Application deadline is May 1st.

– If you have more questions, please contact Doug at 701-200-4865 or email at doug@ceffm.org


PAID STAFF ONLY (those over 15 years old)


$350—If you wish to be paid staff (15 years or older), you need to raise missionary financial support. This financial support covers your training camp costs plus other expenses during the summer. This is NOT a payment or bill for your parents. Most Camp Good News staff receive support from their church and other supportive Christian individuals. Don’t let this amount stop you from serving God. If God has called you to this ministry, He will make the funds available. CEF of F-M has training to help you understand how to do this and more info will be provided at time of hiring. Most teens are able to achieve this goal.

Staff members who raise over $350 are eligible for a bonus. All support raised over $350 will be given to the staff member as a bonus (minus the payroll tax).

$0—Volunteer staff working do not need to raise funds or attend training camp. All staff must have at least five committed prayer partners.


CYIA is a big commitment, both in terms of time and finances. CEF will provide training and support to help with support raising. In addition, three options have been made available:

Church Support – Talk with your church about sponsoring you for Camp Good News staff training. Most churches are willing to do this. We will provide more information about getting your church involved.

Individual Support – Contact individual family and friends to visit with them about partnering with you this summer.

Fargo/Moorhead Chapter – The chapter board has established a scholarship for students who are available to work at least four weeks (including training week) of the summer. Students must contact their church first before asking for a chapter scholarship. To learn more about the criteria for this scholarship, please contact Doug at 701-200-4865 or office@ceffm.org

Events Support – Occasionally, opportunities are available to help with CEF event in the spring. Then, CEF will place an amount per hour in your account. contact Doug at 701-200-4865 or office@ceffm.org for more info.